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T10.玉兔紫薯包 (10粒/包)

T10.玉兔紫薯包 (10粒/包)

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玉兔紫薯包 Rabbit Buns with Purple Sweet Potato


Purple sweet potato tastes soft and glutinous, integrates nutrition and health care, and is shaped like a jade rabbit. It looks fun and tastes nutritious.

配料:小麦粉、水、紫薯泥、白砂糖、黄油、蛋白、酵母、全脂奶粉、食品添加剂:(乙酰化磷酸二淀粉、复合乳化剂(甘油、植物油、磷脂、单硬脂酸) 酸甘油酯)、复合填充剂、人造黄油、食用盐、β-胡萝卜素、墨鱼粉。

Ingredients: wheat flour, water, purple sweet potato paste, sugar, butter, egg whites, yeast f, whole milk powder, food additives: (acetylated di-starch phosphate, compound emulsifier (glycerol, vegetable oil, phospholipids, monostearic acid glycerides), compound bulking agent , margarine, edible salt, beta-carotene, cuttlefish powder.

Allergen information: this product contains wheat flour, eggs, soy, fish, dairy ingredients, this line also contains sesame and nuts.

Net WT: 50g*10  (Frozen cooked products, Non-ready-to-eat)

Shelf life: 12 months           Storage condition: below -18℃ frozen storage

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