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D11.芹菜猪肉速冻水饺 (500g)

D11.芹菜猪肉速冻水饺 (500g)

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淡淡香芹,搭配精选猪后腿肉,吃的清新,吃的健康 (人气产品)

A touch of parsley, paired with selected pork ham, you can eat fresh and healthy (Popular Product)


Ingredient : pork ham,wheat flour,celery,salt,sugar,ginger,vegetable oil,soybean sauce,sesame oil,onion,soda,chicken flavored seasoning,egg white

Net WT: 500G (22+/- pcs ) (Frozen cooked products, Non-ready-to-eat)

Shelf life: 12 months       Storage condition: below -18℃ frozen storage

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